Employee Training And Development In Nigerian Organisations Part One

Employee Training And Development In Nigerian Organisations Part One

by Joy Enadeghe

timagesUnderstanding training and development

Employee training and development is essential to the ongoing success of every organization. Training and development enables employees to develop skills and competencies necessary to enhance bottom-line results for their organization.

The ultimate aim of any training program is to add value to human resource (Chris Obisi 2011). Training and development should be a continuous activity in any organization because it fosters creativity. It is a practical and vital necessity that allows employees develop and rise within the organization.  Organizations that invest in training and development have benefits because employee performance is enhanced, wastage minimized and managers/superiors can delegate authority to subordinates effectively.

Training is for a specific job purpose while development covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also bring about growth of personality (Chris Obisi 2011). Training is a short term process for a definitive purpose while development is long term for general purposes.

There are 2 types of training:

-On the job training, which is usually handled by managers/supervisors to help employees adjust to their work and be better equipped with the appropriate job related skills; and

-Off the job training is basically lectures, role-plays and workshops conducted for employees usually by external facilitators.

Every organization should have a training philosophy; it shows that the organization takes its training approach seriously. Although training improves the effectiveness of employees, there are some training programs that should not be undertaken. Trainings are designed to fill gaps and solve problems in employee performance and the organization. It is unreasonable for an organization to embark on a training that is not relevant to it and its people. For instance, an IT firm that trains its software production staff on environmental assessment will not get the performance improvement it expects in the department.



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