The Power of Positive Thinking by Nkiru Uzoh

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By Nkiru Uzoh

Positivity is seeking and determining to see the best in everything despite the obvious obstacles and setbacks. It is choosing to have the right frame of mind always.

It is not just enough to have the belief that all will be well. No, it is much more than that. It is ‘seeing’ the sun after the rain.

We live in an environment where things always seem to go wrong. Politically, economically, socially, academically, name it: there is always one crisis or the other to be handled. Yes, you may or may not be directly involved in the politics around you, but the political decisions and choices made, affect you directly. Let’s talk economy. Isn’t that a cause for alarm, especially the Nigerian economy? Okay, it may be academics. It isn’t just going the way you envisaged with all your studies and hard work and there are much more delays than you ever thought possible.

Honestly, there are so many reasons to simply give up and move with the flow. You may be tempted to accept your lot. After all what is the clamor for right? On the other hand, when one is 6 feet down, does life’s accomplishments and acquisitions get buried with the person? No, they don’t but with a mindset like that you will never amount to much.

You cannot just accept your ‘lot’. You cannot just move with the flow. Which flow? The flow and tide of pessimists?  Oh no. We were created to live life in full. We are to be joyful. However, it needs to start from within. Yes it does. Wasn’t it the Great book that said ‘’Behold I will do a new thing. Can you not see it?’’ Yes as far back as the creation of the world, our Great God realised and understood that a great portion of our ‘lot’ in life is dependent on us.  You need to believe it, you need to envisage it, you need to ‘see’ it with your mind’s eye, and it will happen. Oh yes, it will. Do we remember the healings in the bible? It was always ‘Your faith has made you whole’. Never once have i come across “My power has healed you’’ or  ‘’My expertise has made you whole’’. But always ‘’your faith has made you whole’’ or ‘’be it done according to your word/request’’.

If the power of a positive mind and attitude was advocated as far back as the writing of the Great Book which by the way is a bestselling inspirational book as far as i am concerned, then what is holding you back? What is keeping you from thinking and speaking joy into your life? Let’s get one thing straight. I am definitely not saying you should be lazy nor stay at home all day speaking wealth into your life. No No No. I am saying amidst the struggles and adversities of life, choose to see the good sides. Choose to smile. Choose to be happy. Work right, Pray right, Think and speak right and you will soar like an eagle.

A positive attitude is contagious. Why not be the one to spread the virus?

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