Neutrality at the Workplace by Nkiru Uzoh



I am almost so sure that you are wondering where this topic is headed. Better still, you may be wondering how one can be neutral at the work place, right? Let’s start by taking a look at communication.

Communication at the workplace is key to productivity. For optimal productivity, there must be effective communication among colleagues, irrespective of cadre or level. Communication has been divided into Para verbal, verbal, non verbal and written. Regardless of whichever means employed, there must be a neutral emotional connection from the sender to the receiver.

You can always add a ‘good morning’ before you send that junior staff on an errand. There is nothing wrong with having a smile for that colleague as he passes by your desk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a ‘hope you are a lot better now sir’ for that senior colleague who has been off work due to ill health. Sure he is your boss, but when has such a greeting been disrespectful?

Those are examples of emotional attachments we can use to spice up our communication. Naturally one should know when and how to use them. But the bottom line is that they make communication much more effective. I would definitely be more inclined to listen and take orders from that boss who always has a ‘how are you?’ ready for me. Wouldn’t you?

Now back to the word ‘neutral’, it could be defined as impartial, not taking sides, etc. For the purpose of this write up, let us consider neutrality in discussion and communication. We all come from different backgrounds and have gained lots of beliefs and experiences on the way. We also often do not get to choose our colleagues and all who we work with. It was Harper Lee who said ‘you can choose your friends but you sure can’t choose your family’. Right? I guess i can add that you only get to choose your friends but not family or colleagues. That is true.  Therefore you may find yourself in an office situation where you are the only ‘black’, or the only ‘christian’ or even the only one who believes that white is the opposite of black.

Remember, we spend more of our waking hours at the office than we do at home. What then do you do to ensure a cordial and strife free environment? Simple, be neutral. Avoid discussions where you may have to take sides. Steer clear of such discussions as politics and racism.

It is an office environment right? So the aim I believe is to increase productivity and consequently increase profit for the employer and wages for the employee. Stick to neutral discussions and spice up your communication with neural emotions. That will ensure a fun environment while work goes on.

Can there be cases where you just cannot be neutral? If so, then agree to disagree. All in all, strive to maintain a peaceful working environment.


Nkiru Uzoh

August 2013. 


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