Integrity and the Workplace by Sonia Samson

integrity1Employers, business leaders and employees can benefit from integrity in the workplace.  Integrity involves moral judgement and character. Individuals who show integrity in the workplace practice it in all they do.

 This is beneficial in a business environment where trust worthy actions set the foundation for successful business relationships. Integrity means making the correct choices. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Integrity in the workplace is very important for that business to grow and be relevant; lasting business success has its foundation on integrity.


How to Improve Integrity in the Workplace


  • Be A Person Of Integrity

The easiest way to lead your organization and employees is by being an example. Be accountable in any transaction. Always do whatever you say, that is integrity. Make sure you do the right thing not minding how you feel. When you are a person of integrity, it is easier for your workers to learn how to live in integrity. Set an example.


  • Create A Company Mission Statement That Emphasizes Integrity

Let your employees know that you are firmly committed to integrity by issuing a company mission statement that reflects your position. A mission statement gives employees something to stand behind and fulfill, and can help guide them toward the expected behavior.


  • Inform Employees About Your New Company Policy On Integrity

Notify all employees of the change. Schedule an employee meeting to discuss the issues and answer questions that your they may have.

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