Set Your Goals Right to Have Personal Success

Goal Setting

Set Your Goals Right to Have Personal Success

By: Joel Riley


You have probably heard about the importance of goal setting right from you were a little child. Have you ever wondered why does one need to have a goal? Can’t we just get along with our lives without goals? Most people experience difficulty when it comes to aspiring a goal and for some others the very goal setting process may seem jaw- breaking. To truly benefit from the process of goal setting, you have to know the exact reasons why you will need to achieve it and how you are going to reach that outcome.

Starting off with goal setting can especially be complicated because at any point of time a person has a number of hopes, wishes and objectives. And zeroing upon a goal means you have to choose the one that demands immediate attention. But at the initial stage this is what you’ll need to do if you want to pursue something with a certain sense of discipline. To be on the safer side what you can do is set a goal that has something to do with happiness, success or even motivation. The moment you fix a goal to work on you’ll find it easier to achieve.

So what is the basis behind goal setting? Why do people set goals? Simply put, goal setting is another phrase to explain personal planning. Just as you need to nurture your plans dedicatedly, so do you need to nourish your goals. By making the process of goal setting a sequence of action steps, you improve your chances of succeeding. Whenever you set a goal, develop the conviction within you that you will reach your desired outcome. This strong belief of success increases confidence, concentration and is a common trait of high achievers.


So what are the key factors to take note of when setting a goal?


1.Set a definite date- When you set a goal, also set the date by which you would like to achieve it. Until and unless you work within the confines of a time frame you will not be able to attain your goal. This rule is the same for both short- term and long- term goals. When there is a set date you have thought about pending success. This drives you on and you strive until you finally attain your goal.

2. Long and short term goals. Besides setting 5, 10, 15 year goals, its important to have a series of short term goals to urge and guide you towards your long term goals. This provides you valuable feedback on your progress towards your long term goals to allow you to make the necessary action to get yourself back on target.

3.One step at a time. Be consistent in taking action towards your goals. Do not overburden yourself with too many goals at once. As a guideline, strive to attain 5 goals at any point of time. Move towards them steadily and you will see results faster.

4.Do not send your schedule for a toss- If goal achieving is your ultimate aim you need to make sure that you are disciplined about it. Create a routine and follow it rigorously. Bringing changes into your schedule too often can delay achievement.


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