Attitude: The #1 Factor That Determines Your Success!


By: Joel Riley

‘Have a winning attitude’- You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve heard this from self- help gurus, from your colleague or maybe even from your next- door neighbor. And needless to say, you always haven’t liked what you have heard. You’ve muttered ‘Why do all these fools keep saying the same old stuff?’ to yourself.


But have you ever wondered if this is just another cliché or something that can transform your life totally? Let’s see how it actually works. How you do anything is how you do everything. Your attitude towards life is your attitude towards everything. How you look at life in general can be termed as your attitude towards life. If you look upon everything negatively, you allow pessimism to rule you. Yet, on the other hand, a positive attitude heightens your self- esteem. With positivity surrounding your life, you’ll also be able to influence others positively.


A winning attitude is one that allows you to march ahead steadily on the path to your goal. If you have a winning attitude everyone around you will realize that- you’ll take most circumstances in your stride and you’ll make sure that nothing much deters you. Having the right attitude has got loads to do with how you view your own existence.


To develop a winning attitude, you have to first feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you will feel much happier, more content, self- assured and confident. And the correct attitude also gives you the capacity to help others, to set their lives in order.


Keeping and maintaining a positive attitude might be difficult at the start. The fastest way to acquire a positive attitude is to hang around in the company of positive people. The human mind is an utterly sensitive region and the moment it experiences a change in surroundings it starts responding.


Positivity is infectious by nature. The more time you spend with a positive attitude person, the more likely you are going to be influenced to think, feel and speak positively. And as time passes, you will acquire a positive attitude as well.


Having positive people as company, though, will not solve your problems immediately. What you need to possess above everything is self- belief. You need to fervently believe in your goals and aspirations. No instance should come when your faith in yourself falters. Your self- belief should move up with every passing day. The secret behind a winning attitude is the belief that nothing is impossible. And nothing means nothing.


But when you make space for doubt and disbelief to enter your mind, you be self sabotaging yourself. Everyone wants to be a winner, to be progressing towards their goals but what they do not consider are the pains a person has to go through to become one. And the winning quality cannot always be assessed by a person’s material achievements. A winning attitude scores more than all the wealth one can accrue in one’s lifetime. Become a winner with a befitting attitude. And do spread the message.




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