Choosing a Sales Leadership Training Program

The leader in the workplace

By: Amia Trevisan

Sales leadership training is a must for sales teams, regardless if they are doing very well or not doing so well. The leader of the team should be able to constantly improve his or her skills to become an effective leader, which includes being able to plan and implement strategies well and being able to gain insight into raising employee morale and motivation.


Some of the major issues or concerns that a leader of the sales team must learn to address are:

1. Increasing sales

2. Raising employee motivation

3. Improving employee performance

4. Raising productivity in the workplace

5. Establishing communication with the individual members of the team

6. Building trust with the members of the sales team

7. Creating a sense of community and partnership with the members of the sales team

8. Delivering positive results that are for the long term

9. Developing better motivation strategies and better training programs

10. Building a company culture that helps towards achieving the organization’s mission vision

11. Establishing a management system that focuses on delivering better services and better products


So when choosing a sales leadership training program, consider those that can help you address the major issues and concerns as well as help you develop important skills.


The training program should be one that recognizes that a leader of the sales team wears many different hats: a disciplinarian in some instances, a problem solver in others, a coach and strategist in other cases and an administrator in yet other instances. So the training program should be able to help you learn skills to help you become effective as you play those different roles.


Some of the skills that an effective leader of the sales team should have include being an effective mentor to the individual members of the sales team. Another skill is being knowledgeable of the different models or types of leadership and being able to apply the type of leadership that a situation calls for.


The leader of the sales team should also know how to effectively communicate not just with the team but also to the other departments, the top executives and other employees.


Another crucial skill is building and retaining a top notch sales team. This begins during the hiring and recruitment for each member of the sales team. At this stage, it’s important that the leader of the sales team knows how to spot talent. After the person is hired, the next crucial skill is guiding the top talent to consistently produce the best results, keeping him or her engaged and highly motivated. Part of being able to retain a topnotch sales team is being able to compellingly lay out the goals of the team and how these goals are aligned with company and individual goals.


Aside from these, there are other skills that can certainly prove instrumental to the success of a sales team’s leader. Go for the sales leadership training that can help you hone such skills. These include a thorough understanding of organizational behavior, planning preparing and implementing strategies, excellent time management, and expert handling of personal resources and time.


Amia Trevisan is a HR specialist that manages sales leadership training to increase sales performance. We render rewards and recognition programs for companies in Australia, US and UK.


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