By: Nkiru Uzoh

I hope you had a good weekend. It’s another Monday morning and the dawn of a brand new work week. Do you realize that September is almost gone? In fact the year 2014 is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday when we all came up with long lists of New Year resolutions. You had some resolutions too right? Were you able to achieve all of them? Well if you haven’t achieved all yet, don’t be too hard on yourself.  We still have 3 months till the end of the year. If you ask me, that’s still a lot of time to make a move. In any project, whatever it may be, you simply need to take the first step, stay focused, back it up with prayers and you are on your way.

So let’s see. Did you have the acquisition of a new degree in that list of resolutions? Is it a Masters or a Doctorate? No? Okay you planned to get some certifications? I guess you don’t feel good right now because the year is rolling by and you are still a long way off from that dream. Let me take you back a little, can I? You want to get a degree or certification? Have you decided on the field of study? Have you decided the school or awarding body? Have you made enquiries on the total cost? That is the first step. Make all the necessary enquiries. Make a move to actualize your dream.

You may be doing very well at the office with your present degree and status. Would an additional certificate not help? Wouldn’t it make you stand out? That is our desire for you. Stand out and climb that success ladder.

Have a great week. I’ll see you next Monday.

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