Misleading Conduct # 12 : Avoid Interacting With Real People In the Organisation



Especially when there is upset within or changed external conditions, a leader’s job, like the captain of the ship, is to lead from the bridge. The way the misleader sees it, their job is to have their binoculars out, looking at the surrounding conditions. They need to be close to where the controls are, able to ring for a “Full astern!”or a “Hard to port!”when that is required. It is up to others to make sure that the nuclear rods are in the reactor, that the motors are lubed.

Misleaders are usually content to lead from the bridge and that is all.

True leaders lead from the bridge AND they recognize that they have a duty to know of any matter that will interrupt, empower or stop the organisation from pursuing its chosen direction.

Unless one is operating in a one person organisation, or the leader is…

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