It’s Time for Change


Have you ever had anyone tell you that you wouldn’t amount to much? Let’s put it this way, have you ever been told that you are ‘good for nothing?’

Surprisingly most people who use that line never really realise the effect on the individual. It is often times used in the heat of anger and when said time and again, actually has a negative effect on the person being spoken to.

If over the years you have been told by your parents, teachers, colleagues, siblings, etc that you can never do anything right, it practically sticks to your brain. The result is that you end up never doing anything right.

Do you know why? It’s not because you want to be a failure. It’s also not because you do not have what it takes. It is simply because you have heard the lines so much that you end up actually believing it. Then guess what happens. You fail.

If this applies to you, then it’s time for change. Granted, you may have had your own share of setbacks. You may not be at the peak of your career right now simply because of that voice in your head faintly but steadily echoing ‘you are good for nothing’.  But you know what? I need you to be on the attack.

This is a brand new workweek and believe it or not, you have got potential.  I’ll leave you with an exercise. Look at your job function in a new light. You may not have been a star performer before now but when you are faced with a task or duty to perform, consciously tell yourself you can do it. That is being on the attack.

Seek clarification; ask for advice; read books on personal development. Do whatever it takes but above all tell yourself that you can do it. If you must say it aloud, then do. The aim is for you to hear it so much that it erases the previous impression. When you start to believe it, you are filled with such confidence that almost literally lifts you up.

The result? You are a star performer.




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