Building Your Self-Worth

self worth 2 By Theodora Isola

What are your views about yourself, what are those values on which you want to build your life’s success? If you have not thought about them, now is a good time to take a self-concept inventory and analyze your multiple attributes. You can do these by writing them down because these are important steps in building your self-worth.

We are recurrently faced with everyday negatives, which sometimes try to put one down or edge one in. No matter how sturdy life’s negativity encroaches, you have got to stand up tall at all times and choose to be positive. Building your self-worth is exclusively imperative because, how you see and treat yourself is the beginning of your importance to the society and the value you give yourself will be perceived by people around you.

To identify your worth, you will need to discover how you value yourself. Is it based on the outward appearances which leaves you temporarily feeling good/bad or have you decided to look inwards which is the real you? Looking inwards will require that you stop comparing yourself with others or trying to seek their approval because you can never truly measure your worth if you look through the eyes of others.

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