What are you busy about?

antsBy: Pedro Gonzalez


“It is not enough to ask why you are so busy. The question is, what are you so busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

In today’s society everyone seems to be “busy”. Right now you may be busy and hoping this article isn’t too long to read because you have too many things to do today. People today do not have time for even the basic needs to form a strong family, the core of a strong society. Most people do not have time for their financial planning nor estate planning. Maybe they are hoping that those issues will be taken care by themselves. Entrepreneurs are running around with great ideas but “too busy” to develop a business plan that could harness that idea and focus the energy to increase the chances for success.

Most people will share with you with pride and puffing up their chest about how busy they are. As if being busy is something to be proud of and the goal. Being busy and being productive are two totally different things. Being busy without a clear vision will lead to wasted of time. Unfortunately that is a plague that has infected most people in the United States. Most executives will have 53 items in their to-do list taking space on a piece of paper as to satisfy their ego that they are doing something or as a way to prove their co-works “I am busier than you”. Tasks in your to do list that don’t add value to your life or work are going to lead to frustration and wasted time. Are those tasks that are keeping you busy providing you a deeper sense of fulfillment and are they aligned with your values? Do they provide you joy and peace of mind?

Today is a good day to take a moment and reflect on the tasks you are performing and in the midst of your busyness ask yourself “what are you busy about?”. Is there a better way, more efficient and less stressful way to accomplish my daily tasks? Being busy is ok when you are focused, grounded and calm.

Here are five tips:

1. Define your core values

2. Avoid Over-Committing

3. Learn to Say NO

4. Outsource, Delegate and Automate

5. Take a “Mini-Vacation” from the busyness and noise

Martin Luther King said that he’d never have accomplished what he did if he didn’t spend three hours a day in prayer. How much time are you taking for prayer and meditation? Take a moment today and reflect on what is truly important for you. Take a moment and prepare a plan on how to accomplish the goals that will provide you and your loved ones joy, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Pedro Gonzalez Husband, Father. Author. Coach, Business and Financial Consultant. Incisive interest in wealth building and personal development


Blog: http://ow.ly/8vJvL Recent Ebook: Understanding Mental Health http://ow.ly/8tErj

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