Review Your Career Goals


goal3By: Nkiru Uzoh

Career goals are basically the things an individual hopes to accomplish over the course of his/her career. This write up then assumes that you already have your goals, set and written down. After all you cannot review what you do not have.

It is imperative that you clearly define what you want to accomplish in your career. It is also very important that your goals do not clash with those of the organisation. What were your goals for the year 2013? How related are they to the goals of your organisation? If we assume that your organisational goal for the year was to reach a customer base of 500. Your goals should be aligned in this direction. For instance, you could aim to meet and effectively network with 5 prospects per week, subsequently making them customers of your organisation. You could also aim at completing a sales course come first quarter of the year. My point? You must have goals and objectives at your career, which must be relevant to those of the organisation.

The next step after establishing these goals, is to have them clearly written down. It is very key at this stage to be specific. To be successful at your career is no goal. Success can be defined in different ways by different people. You could aim at reading a book each week in order to improve yourself. You could also aim at completing a course within the year etc. Whatever it is, write it down, also stating the time frame. This will be your driving force along the way. Ensure that you set achievable goals. This is because if you constantly do not achieve your goals, your morale and spirit may be affected. Despite the fact that you need to stretch yourself, never forget that unachievable goals are simply pipe dreams.

Now back to our topic, you should go over these goals as often as possible. Reviewing your goals will act as a constant reminder of your promises to yourself.  If you really desire to move ahead, then constant review instils an even greater desire to bring to fruition all you have written down.

When last did you review your goals for 2013? Can we take a moment now to do so? What is the percentage of realisation? Did you achieve even half of those goals? Did you achieve all? Whatever the case, you need to critically review these goals. For the ones you accomplished, well done. For the others, what was the handicap? How can you ensure it doesn’t happen again. You may need to critically examine yourself as you review these goals. Is it possible that the ones you failed to accomplish can be accomplished now or in the nearest future? Have you established what you need to do?

In order for us to gradually but steadily climb the ladder in our careers, then we must develop the habit of reviewing our goals regularly. Consciously search yourself as you struggle to attain that desired height in your career.

The year 2014 is just around the corner. Career wise, how good has this year been? What was our productivity as individuals and as an organisation? Let us go back to the drawing board and start our review.

Finally, ensure you take stock every now and then.

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