Holistic Leadership: Bridging Theory and Practice in Effective Team Relationships

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Leadership Theory — can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes, when theory waxes theoretical, and practice waxes pragmatic, and the bridge between the two feels pretty rickety! I believe it’s worth the struggle to build an exploratory place for the two to connect — praxis, as many call it. Why? Because the two processes can’t be separated for long if we’re to take effective action in response to the paradoxes and challenges of real-life leadership today.

K. Candis Best K. Candis Best

Today’s case study playing with praxis is “Holistic Leadership,” defined by K.Candis Best, Ph.D., for the Journal of Values-Based Leadership. She writes: “Holistic leadership proffers seven fundamental assumptions about the nature of effective leadership:
  1. Successful outcomes result from an orientation toward development.
  2. The healthiest and most productive development is done collaboratively.
  3. The leadership unit shapes the context of collaboration.
  4. The…

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