You Got to Stick With It

Dont-Give-UpBy: Rodney Gainous, Jr.


So you want to be a business owner? Do you really know what you’re getting yourself into? I really hope you do because I believe that there are too many people sitting on their skills and talents and aren’t using them to build businesses. We should be providing for ourselves and our families. We must not be scared and we must step out there and take control of our lives.


Don’t Give Up

What ever you decide to do Mr. or Mrs. Business owner, be dedicated to your efforts. Don’t let anything or anybody discourage you from doing well in business. You are going to face a lot of obstacles but doesn’t everyone? There is no business owner out there who will tell you that the whole process was easy and they didn’t have any obstacles or doubts about what they were doing. There are always a ton of stumbling blocks. You must be able to get through them.


Market Your Product

No matter how great your product is you must have a successful marketing plan. The “If you build it, they will come” philosophy doesn’t count in business. You must get the word out effectively in order to move products and services so make sure you have an effective marketing plan that caters to your niche. Don’t expect people to just drop out of the sky with money in hand ready to by once you launch your endeavor.


Use the Nay Sayers as Motivators

Unfortunately the main people who try to discourage us when we want to start a business are the ones who are the closest to us; our family. If you truly have a passion for what you want to do, don’t let the ANYONE (even family) talk you out of it. Use their negativity as your motivator and make it work. You control your own destiny not anyone else so don’t let their comments or jokes or criticism keep you down.


Build Your Brand

There may be a period of time when you’re not making any money. If that is the case, don’t worry because you should be in the process of building your brand. When you do this eventually you will get recognize as someone with a worthwhile product or services and in a matter of time, the sales will come. Keep plugging away at making you company, product and yourself a name in the industry and before you know it, everyone will know who you are.


Show Your Passion

To really be motivated about what you do, it is important to remember why you are doing what you’re doing. Remember the passion you felt when you thought up the concept of your business. Remember the passion you had once you started to put the plan on paper. That passion is what is fueling you deep down on the inside. It is that fire that’s burning when times are tough. Be passionate and let others know how you feel.

So regardless of what you want to do in your business life, Stick With It, work the plan and success will eventually come.


To YOUR Success,



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