Workforce Improvement 1

knowledge-managementBy: Oma Diriyai

We believe businesses will thrive when the right knowledge is disseminated and applied; knowledge in itself is not enough but is a start on the right direction leading to better successes. Organizations need to critically evaluate the impact of the knowledge and its use to get what is right and suitable for their unique environment.

Best practices that are informal and dependent on personal networks, disappears when knowledgeable employees leave the company. The cost due to the inability of companies to capture experience and knowhow is still unknown and to add to this, many companies do not know what knowledge their employees have.

Knowledge Management is the main ingredient to many organizations’ success stories. Knowledge Management is not collection of data and information but the application of the organization’s collective knowledge. Knowledge is in different forms; explicit, implicit and tacit. Organizations that have tapped into the knowledge requisite in the internal and external environment will be able to meet the need of their stakeholders and the questions that need their solutions.

Sharing knowledge encourages healthy communication. To be able to tap into knowledge in the organization, the leader requires good interpersonal skills, communication skills, team building and problem solving skills. For some, these skills are innate and for the most of us, it is learnt through training and development programs. Increasingly, stakeholders want to know the real reason why certain decisions are implemented. The leader is encouraged to critically think about decisions and their effect on the society.

Our courses on leadership and workforce development are designed to bring out the best performance in organizations, by creating, disseminating and leveraging knowledge from our workshops to positively impact your organizations.


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